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Stanwick Vision

Our vision is to provide an education that develops the whole child, achieving the curriculum expectations, whilst providing a wide range of experiences and opportunities for our pupils, that allows them to thrive and prepares them for life beyond the primary years. This is supported using outdoor learning and opportunities that sit outside of the expectations of the curriculum.

We set up an environment in which our children can achieve their potential within a curriculum that has been designed to inspire them, whilst encouraging a level of respect and care for the rest of the community. This encompasses clear teaching of our school values, where there is a high expectation that all children uphold these and demonstrate them at all times.

Nene Education Trust Drivers – Work.World.Wellness.

‘Ensure that young people in the Nene Education Trust are prepared for life beyond school and all that this increasingly complex world will throw at them. We are determined that our young people are mentally and physically happy and healthy, employable and have a positive view of the world and their role in it.’

As part of the Nene Education Trust, our curriculum is designed to expose our pupils to teaching and learning under the three strands of Work. World. Wellness. The curriculum, as well as the extra-curricular offer, in which Stanwick Primary delivers, continuously links back to developing our pupils’ understanding within one of these three strands to achieve the vision of our school.

Within our curriculum and beyond, we will set the foundations that provide the first experiences of the world of work and what work entails. The pupils will be delivered teaching of a range of subjects, topics and lessons to give them a wide range of knowledge and skills to make their own decisions of the world of work.

Through the teaching, pupils are provided with the knowledge of the world and experiences that aid them to understand a range of cultures, locations and differences between their lives and the wider world. They are provided with knowledge of the world through a range of teaching in lessons, whole school events and fundraising involvement to begin understanding where we fit in to the world and gain understanding of the lives of others.

Pupils are regularly provided with opportunities to value their wellbeing and understand their own feelings, to give them the foundations to dealing with the wider world and tricky situations. Regular opportunities are planned, where pupils are given opportunities to develop the tools needed to respond appropriately to situations and deal with life situations, as well as dealing with personal growth.

Stanwick Primary Curriculum

Our curriculum offer below aims to achieve the above vision for all pupils by the time they leave their primary years.

At Stanwick Primary we:

  • Provide an inclusive education for ALL pupils within the school, providing challenge and support that is appropriate for each child. At times, this may look different to the learning taking place for much of the class but is tailored and suitable for the learning of the individual.
  • Provide a curriculum that teaches pupils skills and knowledge and is built upon in each year group to ensure small steps are taken to secure knowledge of the primary curriculum by the end of year 6. • Consider prior learning of pupils, whilst also acknowledging their future learning that will take place to ensure content delivers challenging and inspiring contact, that provides a range of opportunity and experiences throughout the primary years.
  • Deliver lessons that use high-quality structures and resources that promote a love of learning and interest within the topics taught. The teaching of our subjects across the curriculum.

The subjects within our school are taught discreetly across the curriculum in order to provide pupils with the full knowledge of each topic and builds on the learning from previous topics or year group learning. Subjects are blocked throughout the year for each year group in order to meeting the expectations of the National Curriculum, whilst providing learning opportunities that immerse the pupils in each of the topics through the use of small steps that have been carefully sequenced to support pupil retention of knowledge.